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Personāla vadības skola (HR skola) Rudens 2022.

Darbojies personāla vadības jomā un vēlies pilnveidot savas praktiskās zināšanas un prasmes?

Mums ir ko piedāvāt!

No 19. oktobra līdz 2022. gada beigām tevi sagaida praktisks personāla vadības kurss, kur tev būs iespēja smelties pieredzi no 7 dažādiem nozares specialistiem!


About TopLeader

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Topleader is a company, which was established to develop your professional skills and to increase the demand for you on the job market.


We are specialized on the middle and top personnel management niche (Further- HR). Our courses are for groups as well as corporate clients.


Our company is focused to teach all skills through practical exercises.


You will receive professional mentoring, exchange experiences with experts, develop your skills and get acquainted with the latest HR news.


If you decide to grow your skills or gather the knowhow from leading HR experts, then contact us and we will find you the best suiting coaching to improve your knowledge and help to achieve new heights in your career.


“Visit a course” is not about us. At Topleader you will only receive practical knowledge for every day.



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