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/ About / is a company that helps leaders to develop themselves by offering different forms of educative events in leadership area. We are focusing on executive education providing workshops, trainings, lectures, seminars and conferences that allow leaders to grow, get new knowledge, acquire worlds’ best practices, get and share experience, develop their leadership skills, thus improving their abilities to lead people.


Our clients are middle and top management leaders (department managers, HR managers, chief executives, directors and executives).

Our business vision is to provide professional expertise in innovation and leadership in order to give leaders Worlds’ most successful practice and experience that ones will be able to use to their organizations benefits.



We offer:


  • Seminars in leadership area

  • Conferences in leadership are

  • 3-6 month courses “Leadership school”

  • Corporate events organization services

  • Moderator services

  • Teambuilding activities (sport games, corporate parties)


Our proficiency area:


  • Leadership

  • Teambuilding and managing

  • Leadership during turbulent (stressful) times

  • HR and development

  • Psychology

  • Sales and negotiations

  • Project management

  • Time management

  • IT


Our services are offered in English, Latvian and Russian languages. - Leaders development partner

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