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Baltic Leadership conference "Future leadership"

Future Leader,

We are honoured to invite you to attend one of the bigest Baltic Leadership event " FutureLeadership" that will take place in Riga, January 24th.


We have invited great international speakers,who can share their visions and experiences to inspire you to get new ideas, inspiration and positiveemotions. Let's join together, Listen, Learn, communicate and share best Leadership practices.

About the conference

The Conference's keynote speaker is an International acknowledged future Leadership expert- PeroMicic from Germany, who has a tremendous experience working with medium and Largeorganizations - consulting top and middle management experts about necessary changes andfuture Leadership skills.


Our hard work in this conference is to get interesting and inspiring experts whose expertise andexperience in the field of Leadership are enormous. Not only that, but also you are going to hearmotivational and inspiring Lectures and practical advice. Our number one goal is to make sure the conference is doing what you want it to do for you: 1) to get you inspired and increase yourknowledge and expertise in the field; 2) to help you understand your professional self better anddevelop and/or innovate your skills and expertise.



The aim of the conference

Of course it is nearly impossible to become a perfect Leader from a single conference, however it ispossible to get an overview and ideas to benchmark, how and what can/should be done differently.That's why the aim of this conference is to show what will be asked from an efficient Leader in thenear future: the necessary Leadership skills, how to Look at future market perspectives and startusing opportunities already today.



Conference date and venue

Conference will take place on January 24th at Conference Centre ,Citadele", RepublikasLaukums 2a, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010 (parking place maybe reserved in advanced).


Working Language - English -translation for additional fee- it is possible to order translation intoLatvian or Russian Language.


Informal Business Networking Dinner

After the conference we invite you to take part at the Informal Business Networking Dinner, wherewe have planned different networking activities, interesting communication games that will helpyou to build contacts, facilitate networking and develop Leadership skills.


The Organizers: RISEBA, TopLeader, iDEA HOUSE events


Full programme is availbe in a PDF version --> Here

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